The Caves and Karst Art Contest by the European Speleological Federation FSE; winners announced on the 4th June 2022

Alekseev, Alexander

Russian Federation

1976: began to engage in caving.

1980: visited a number of caves in Eastern Europe (Czecho-Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia).

1981: visited the caves in France; organized a children’s department at the Irkutsk City Speleological Section of the Irkutsk Tourist Club “Sayany”, which eventually was transformed into the Irkutsk Children’s Caving Club “Mechta” (“the Dream”). The main activity of the Club is the popularization of speleology among children and adolescents from 14 to 18 years old and more.

1983: participated in the filming of a movie for the Irkutsk State Television and Radio Company about the caves of Tofalaria, Eastern Sayan Mountains, Irkutsk province.

1985: visited the caves of Kugitang Natural Reserve, Turkmenia, Central Asia.

1997-2010: worked in various geological organizations, participated in a number of scientific conferences, published scientific articles in collaboration with archaeologists, geologists and chiropterologists .

Since 1993, Alexander annually conducted numerous tours into the Mechta cave, Baikal Lake, Pribaikalsky National Park, Irkutsk province, Russia.

Since 2010, he began to make films about caves of the Irkutsk province devoted to two topics: “Routes of old excursions and expeditions” (based on old publications and reports), and geographical features of caves.

In April 2021, a youtube channel “Travel Club” was registered on which speleo films were uploaded:

Cave Mechta. Film 1

Duration: 25:01, 2014

The history of Mechta cave (“Dream Cave”) discovery on the territory of the Pribaikalsky National Park, Baikal Lake.

Cave Mechta. Film 2

Duration: 27:01, 2015

Descriptive film about Mechta cave on the territory of the Pribaikalsky National Park, Baikal Lake.

Nizhneudinsk caves

Duration: 18:42, 2015

Story about the Big and Small Nizhneudinsk caves from the series “Routes of old excursions and expeditions”. Filmed on the basis of publications of the 19th century: Irkutsk Province Gazette and Asian Russia.

White Beauty

Duration: 16:11, 2018

Descriptive film about the caves of Svetlaya and
Spirinskaya, the natural monuments of Tofolaria located in
the Eastern Sayan Mountains, Irkutsk province, Russia.

Bat toy

Size: 10 x 15cm, web:

Hand-sewn toy made from velour and artificial fur, filled with syntepon.