The Caves and Karst Art Contest by the European Speleological Federation FSE; winners announced on the 4th June 2022

Healy, Irene

United Kingdom

I have drawn and painted all my life, but work, marriage and children put art on the back burner. When I started painting again, I entered work for The Great Sheffield Show, and art in the gardens. It was in later life that I started working as a cave guide for tourists and got the opportunity to do some caving.

It was while looking for inspiration that a friend suggested looking at the cave for inspiration, and I started painting caves and portraits of cavers. I very much enjoy painting portraits.

Present meets past

Acrylic, January 2022

How it would be if modern cavers met a ghosty tour from the past in Peak Caverns.

Roger Rain’s House

Acrylic, September 2017

Light effects on the rocks and water.

Ink Sump Project

Acrylic, September 2019

A celebration of Jim Lister & Colin Heywood’s work in Ink Sump, Peak Cavern.