The Caves and Karst Art Contest by the European Speleological Federation FSE; winners announced on the 4th June 2022

Séranne, Luc


I have been caving for a few years and enjoy the special and mysterious atmosphere in the caves.
I also play music and I try to compose instrumental music that retranscribes for the most part places I visited or emotions I felt.
I usually include piano and guitar that I actually play but also string instruments (violins, cellos) whose sounds come from sampled instruments that I use with my piano. Each of these orchestral instruments heard in my music comes from a track that I record on the piano, note after note, and for which I then assign the desired instrument.

Website Soundcloud: Luc Séranne

Dans les profondeurs Du Vercors

Duration: 3:04 min, November 2021

With a group of people from the caving club of Villeurbanne (France), we
went through a part of the Berger chasm (Vercors, France) during the
summer of 2021.
I tried to transcribe the underground atmosphere and the emotions felt by
sounds without having to resort to cavity sound effects.
The introduction and the first theme are for the descent of the first wells
and the progressive extinction of the natural light then the path in the
meanders with the mystery of the places and the uncertainty of what is
further down, further away.
The second theme is for the walk along the gours and underground rivers,
for the enchantment of the places and the lights of the headlamps
captured by the underground waters.

Headphones, if not earphones, would be the best to listen to this music.