The Caves and Karst Art Contest by the European Speleological Federation FSE; winners announced on the 4th June 2022

Souza, Pirilo


Pirilo ( π rilo) is a Brazilian young academic scholar that loves the Surrealism Art Movement and Biospeleology . He thinks that entering in a cave is a surrealistic experience by itself . He created his art based on his experiences in the ́Cave world ́ while describing its fauna. He called this union between Biospeleology and Art of Speleoarte and created an instagram profile to share the process of drawing and painting his pieces of art . Oil painting in canvas was a way to externalize his feelings and mitigate anxiety while his research plans did not turn so well as he expected. The outcome was extraordinary: a series of oil in canvas , in which he brings symbolic elements, biospeleology and frustations of his academic studies (Traumas de um Mestrado – Traumas of a Master in Science ), or his Surrealism greatest inspiration (Salvador Dali) inside a cave (The Master). Painting helped Pirilo overcoming his traumas and frustations, what enabled him to continue pursuing his academic carreer . His art and academic works highlight the cave diversity and he expects to call the public attention for Conservation of the ́Cave world ́ , which is enchanting, eccentric and surrealistic.

Instagram: Pirilo Souza

Traumas de um Mestrado (Traumas of a Master in Science)

Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm, 24-11-2019

Traumas de um Mestrado (Traumas of a Master in Science) – edited
Painting Traumas of a Master Science by Pirilo

In this oil painting on canvas, the artist contrasts the light and darkness, which can be both seen and explored by the speleologist in the middle. There are elements in the light that can be confused when seen in the darkness (the mouse and the hook, the humming bird and the candles). When we are overwhelmed by emotions, we cannot clearly see things as they are, and maturity is necessary to bring clarity again. The egg denotes the idea of development and the ongoing process of maturity, while the snake eating itself denotes the paradigma in which there is no darkness without light, and there is no light without darkness. In this piece, the
snake also denotes paranoia and anxiety, which again blur our vision.

O Mestre ( The Master)
Painting Dali in the Cave – The Master by Pirilo

Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm, 1-10-2020

The iconic and eccentric Salvador Dali inside a cave. Isn‘t entering in a cave a surrealistic experience? This piece of art brings the connection of the artist’s
passions: the Surrealism Art Movement and Biospeleology.