The Caves and Karst Art Contest by the European Speleological Federation FSE; winners announced on the 4th June 2022

Martin, Ludivine


Ludivine est graphiste, illustratrice, et tout un tas d’autres trucs entre les deux.
Curieuse et un peu impulsive sur les bords, elle tente de canaliser ses envies et lubies à travers le dessin en documentant minutieusement ce qui lui arrive d’extra comme d’ordinaire.
Ludivine is a graphic designer, illustrator, and all sorts of things in between.
Curious and a little impulsive, she tries to channel her desires and whims through the drawing by meticulously documenting everything that happens to
her – the extra and the ordinary too.

Website: Ludivine Martin

Variations souterraines

Graphite pencil, A4, 9 pages, December 2021

A series of graphic souvenirs from various underground expeditions in the south of France ; an attempt to recreate in my own way the beauty of the still and silent sculptures of the underworld.

Une journée sous terre

Graphite pencil + digital, A4, 6 pages, January 2022

An autobiographical – and a little educational – comic about
my adventures underground !
It was published in the book “La journée mondiale de l’autobiographie libre” along with other autobiographical comics (the theme was to tell a day in our life, ordinary or

Digital, A4, 4 pages, January 2022

My first comic on speleology, about my very first time in a cave. it’s kind of a beginner’s guide for people who doesn’t know much about this practice, and to maybe arouse their curiosity !